Option SIPP

As well as the EBS SIPP and EBS SSAS, we also provide the Option SIPP. The Option SIPP has been designed specifically to provide access to third party investment firms at a cost effective, streamlined way. An Option SIPP can be set up online  in just 10 minutes, with no requirement for wet signatures and with anti-money laundering checks being carried out digitally by our partners, GB Group.

Reduced costs and overheads mean we can deliver outstanding value for money. the Option SIPP offers great flexibility to meet your clients’ needs.

Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) and Stockbrokers

Our Option SIPP team have relationships with more than 45 DFMs and stockbrokers, from the big national brands to lesser known names and a selection of digital wealth managers. For an up-to-date list, please contact a member of our Option SIPP Sales team.


If your client is looking to purchase funds, shares, bonds or other assets that can be held on a platform, we can open up an Embark Third Party Investment Account (TPIA) within an Option SIPP.

It’s extremely cost effective and you can set-up an account for your client without the need for any client signatures.

Own Embark platform provides access to over 4,000 instruments with 50+ fully automated processes and the ability to invest your clients’ assets wholly or partially in model portfolios. Find out more about our Embark platform.


Visit our Embark Pensions website, to discover more on our Option SIPP, where you will find a calculator that sets out our fees clearly.

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